Guide To Successfully Training Your Imagination

Imagination is commonly described as the formation of mental images of situations that you have not experienced in your physical existence. While this is an accurate short description of the function of our imagination, in order to be able to learn how to train your imagination it is important to look at the science behind…

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How to Meditate 10 Minutes a Day

Meditation is a very important skill to have, especially in the noisy world we live in today. It allows us to cool down our system and take a new, fresh perspective on life – which is always a good thing. I personally think that if you meditate 10 minutes a day (5min/morning + 5min/evening) then you…

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3 Ways To Improve Your Memory And Concentration

Some of the most important cognitive functions of the human brain are undoubtedly memory and concentration. Our Memory allows us to store information from the outside and recall/use it later on when it is required. The level of our concentration determines the quality of the information we take in. In other words, good concentration is…

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