BogdanphotoHi random internet person, my name is Bogdan Ivanov and this is my blog! I’m a digital marketer and entrepreneur. Super passionate about internet businesses, and helping others start and grow their business online.

On this site you are going to learn everything you need to know to start and grow a successful online business that will give you the financial freedom you always wanted.

I started of my career as a close-up magician and mentalist, and later chose to devote most of my time to building online businesses and becoming a proficient lifehacker. As most REAL entrepreneurs I dropped out of college in order to add more hours to the day and work full-time on my businesses.

In my books and posts, I write about topics that are mostly related to life hacking, personal development, entrepreneurship, art, science and tech.

Things I like:

• Health & Fitness
• Apocalypse Prepping
• Robotics
• Psychology
• Languages
• Music

I believe in the unlimited human potential for greatness and that people should not limit themselves to only one area of expertise, but rather embrace their desire to learn something new.

When not writing, I like to go extreme fishing, climbing and treasure hunting around the world.