14 Common Misconceptions About Dating Beautiful Women

Let’s face it – guys always want to be in the company of a beautiful woman. It may be a tall gorgeous blonde, an average-size brunette, or a simple but attractive woman. However, you are yet to make the first bold step of actually approaching the beautiful lady. Why? Simply because you believe the following myths or misconceptions:

Myth#1 – Hot Girls Only Go Out With Rich Men

“Dating pretty ladies sucks!” This is a statement that has become cliché nowadays. Unlike other men, you don’t have a fat bank account, you don’t drive big luxurious cars, or you don’t own a mansion up the hill or a beach villa. These are things that beautiful girls are after, right? Wrong. You don’t have to be in the millionaire’s club to date a pretty girl; it’s all about your confidence.

Myth#2 – Beautiful Ladies Are High-Maintenance

“Why bother asking a sexy woman out on a date, they are high maintenance and only want the finest things in life.” This is what many men believe, and unless you have money to sustain her high-class lifestyle she will not give you a chance. Truth is that many pretty girls are simple and down-to-earth.

Myth#3 – You’ve Got To Have Game To Date A Pretty Lady

Unless you’ve got game like James Bond, or are suave you will never find a beautiful chic. Isn’t this what comes across when watching movies or reading magazine? Well, you don’t need to be sleek with your words or have dated several beautiful girls before. You can date a pretty woman even if you have never done it before. Again, it is all about having confidence in yourself and what you do.

Myth#4 – Gorgeous Girls Only Go Out With Equally Hot Dudes

If you are not rocking six-pack abs, or have a lean physique, or have the Hollywood look then forget about dating a beautiful woman. This misconception is usually portrayed in magazines, movies, and other events. Beautiful girls don’t always go out with only handsome men. A pretty girl will agree to your advances even if you don’t have looks that make women freeze on the spot.

Myth#5 – Beautiful Lasses Only Focus On Their Beauty

“Yeah yeah… pretty ladies are too self-centered; they always focus on their beauty and appearance.” This is one of the most common myths that stop men from approaching ladies. There are countless women who are beautiful but don’t obsess with their looks. You can be sure of having a good conversation talking about other things apart from her angelic looks.

Myth#6 – Stunning Chicks Are Usually Not Ready To Settle Down

“If you are looking for a woman who is ready to settle down immediately then forget about gorgeous girls.” Isn’t this one of the 14 common misconceptions about dating beautiful women? The hard truth is that many good-looking women are focused on settling down. In fact they will do this if the right man (probably you) makes the first step.

Myth#7 – The Beautiful Girl Has A Horde Of Men After Her

“Do you think you are the only one who has noticed how beautiful the girl down the street or in your office is?” The common notion is that any pretty girl will always have a group of men swarming around her. And unless you are ready for competition and probably rejection you shouldn’t bother. The sooner you dump this idea the better for you and the pretty girl.

Myth#8 – A Beautiful Girl Always Plays Hard To Get

Beautiful girls already know they are gorgeous and this is why they hang around beautiful people. So, why should she make it any easier for you? This misconception has led to the belief that a good-looking woman will always play hard to get. Truth is that many ladies are easy going and will not require you to call her a million times before she finally accepts to go out on a date with you.

Myth#9 – Hot Babes Demand To Be Treated Like Queens

Many men believe that unless you have the time and effort to pamper a pretty girl then you stand no chance. They are always after attention and want to be treated like queens or royalty. Unfortunately, this is not true. Many girls are willing to follow the normal process just like any other ordinary girl.

Myth#10 – Unless You Are Too Nice Or A Gentleman You’ll Never Get A Beautiful Woman

“Do you know how to open doors for ladies? Can you lay down your fine jacket on the ground for her to step on instead of the wet or muddy patch? If not forget about beautiful women. Nothing is more misconstrued than this notion. As long as you treat her right and show her respect the gorgeous lady is always good to go.

Myth#11 – You Need To Know The Mindset Of Women To Stand Any Chance

“You need to know how to tap into the woman’s subconscious to stand any chance.” This is a myth that is usually promoted by dating gurus and relationship experts who claim to have a secret to analyzing the minds of women. Fact is that dating a pretty lady is not rocket science. Simply believe in yourself and go after her.

Myth#12 – Beautiful Women Have Been In Numerous Dates Before

Many men fear asking a pretty woman out on a date because they believe she’s been on many dates before. This is not necessarily true as there are many women out there who may be focusing on other things. You never know, probably you will be her first real date.

Myth#13 – Understanding Beautiful Women Is More Difficult Than Average Women

One myth that is too common is that pretty girls are different from normal girls. They will have gone out on more dates, met richer and attractive men, and are more confident. Therefore, they will be more experienced and judgmental. Nothing is more unfounded than this myth. Behind the beautiful face and body lies an ordinary girl.

Myth#14 – A Stunning Lady Already Knows What She Wants In a Man

You probably will be wasting your time going after a beautiful babe because she already knows what she wants. She will analyze and re-analyze you even before you make the bold move. Truth is that many pretty women are open and at times clueless just like other women and may need a bit of guidance in the dating game.

There you have it – A list of 14 common misconceptions about dating beautiful women that are probably ruining your chances of meeting and being with a beautiful lady. In fact, you probably spend more time fantasizing rather than actually approaching the woman. The above scenarios are just myths, and instead of believing in them why don’t you take the bold step today and ask a beautiful lady out for a date?

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