10 Places To Play Free Online Games

Today, let’s talk about one of the most exciting activities that you can do online – playing free games. Everyone likes it when they take a break from the monotony of their daily schedule to enjoy some cool games. However, the problem is that with so many sites offering these services, it might not be easy to choose the best ones.

Here is a compilation of 10 amazing websites where you can play games for free:

1. Pogo


With over 100 free online games, there is no doubt that you will be spoiled for choice when you land on this website. Some of the games include board, puzzle, cards, casino and arcade. What makes it even more amazing is that there are categories for every age. The fact that you can compete with other online gamers makes it even better.

Checkout pogo.com

2. Kongregate


With kongregate, you get access to tens of thousands of games in one portal. All these games can be played right from your browser making them even more fun. In addition to that, you can browse through the categories or just use the search feature to find the specific game that you want. You have the option to register for free and start racking your points whenever you play.

Checkout kongregate.com

3. Miniclip


At Miniclip, there are over 750 free games. What makes it stand out from the many other websites out there is the way that most of the games are original. Since they are almost exclusive to Miniclip, you can expect to find experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. You also get to enjoy a wide variety of 3D games such as Commando 2 and Bubble Trouble.

Checkout miniclip.com

4. AddictingGames


Enjoy playing with over 10 million free games lovers at AddictingGames. If you are wondering why there is so much traffic directed to this site, you only need to make one visit and you quickly will understand why. The best part about playing at this site is that the games are submitted by game developers who have signed up at the site.

Checkout addictinggames.com

5. Amor Games

Armor games

There are new games that are uploaded to Amor Games every week. These only add to the already huge collection that gamers can enjoy at the site. The most popular games on this site are those in the Action, Adventure and puzzle categories. However, there are also many others that you can choose from depending on your preferences.

Checkout armorgames.com

6. Candystand


Candystand offers high quality sports games among many other categories. What makes it even more popular is that apart from providing free games, the site also gives away tons of free prizes every month. This happens when you reach the top score lists and you are entered into a draw. You also can win and trade in your tickets at the site.

Checkout Candystand

7. FOG


At Free Online Games (FOG), you can find just about any types of game that you want because they have it all. Their collection is so big that you might need to search by categories, if there is something specific that you are looking for. Shooting and puzzle games are among the most popular categories here. For easier navigation and to find games faster, you might want to use the tags on the left sidebar.

Checkout freeonlinegames.com

8. Gamehouse


One thing that makes Gamehouse different from the other sites is that their games are downloadable. Although there is a growing collection of free online games, you also can download some especially if you want to play offline. There are card games, puzzles, hidden object games and many others.

Checkout gamehouse.com

9. Game Node

Game Node

This is the home of classic games. You can expect to find action, adventure and shooting categories among many others. If you opt for the free registration, you get an opportunity to play alongside your friends. This way, you can save high scores and post comments. It makes the whole gaming experience more social and fun.

Checkout gamenode.com

10. Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games

This one also has downloadable games alongside the nice free online games. They have just almost any type of game that you can think of.

Checkout bigfishgames.com

Clearly, there are many good websites that offer free online games. You only need to choose one that has what you really want depending on your own unique situation. You also can compare several sites to see where the best gaming experiences are.

Featured photo credit: David Blackwell. via flickr.com

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